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Azienda Tezza Recioto della Valpolicella Valpantena 2015

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This stunning sweet red Recioto is perfect with cake or chocolaty desserts.

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The complex dark coloured sweet Recioto della Valpolicella’s predate the really quite modern Amarone’s which are probably the result of accidentally letting the fermentation of  a Recioto continue unchecked.

Like the Amarone’s the grapes, here 80% Corvino and 20% Rondinella from Valpantena the best area for Valpolicella, are picked and dried in open sided barns until the following March. The raisin like grapes are pressed and slowly fermented until the wine reaches about 13% alcohol and are still naturally sweet before aging for a year in cask and another 6 months in bottle. Serve this at room temperature to allow the deep dark cherry fruit and warm chocolaty spice notes to emerge, delicious with cake or chocolate pudding

More Information
Vintage 2015
Colour / Type Red
Alcohol content 13
Bottle Size 500 ml
Maturity Starting to drink now but will keep well
Organic No
Non-certified Organic No
Biodynamic No
Sustainable Yes
vegan No
Style Full bodied, Aromatic, Fruity, Long, Medium sweet
Grapes Corvino
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